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What Is This?

Traffic Tsunami 2021 (TT 2021) / Director’s Cut 2021 (DC 2021) program is the latest SEO training from OMG Team. The current training focuses on Ecommerce SEO, affiliate SEO (OTS), and SEO for agency. Since the first TT program in 2020, the OMG team has make their trainings easier to understand with shorter video and well-arranged content. If you have been a member since old OMG course, you know what I mean.

0What Will You Get? 

Access to Traffic Tsunami 2021 (worth $199 per month) through our account using an app called Portable Firefox (FFP)that works flawlessly on Windows system and Mac (need Wine Bottler / Parallel or rent a Windows VPS). You can download the videos and ask questions directly through their webinar. You will get the following access:

  • Traffic Tsunami 2021 dashboard
  • access (exclusive for TT member). We will have our own service soon
  • AgencyEngine access (more details inside member’s area)
  • Ability to attend live webinar and ask questions directly
  • Access to OMG NHB, Fusion FB group, and TT FB group (the latter one is temporary)

How much to invest?

There are 3 payment options available (choose directly from the “BUY NOW” button at the end of this page:

$25 x 12 instalments

$135 billed twice every 6 months

$270 billed once (use “ttfull10off” code for $10 off, valid until Feb 12, 2021) >> CLOSED


All sales are final and to protect our account, we can’t issue a refund once a payment has been made.

How to Get Update?

As this is a shared account, we need to make sure ONLY paid members have access to this product. Therefore, there are times that we need to update the app and it will be temporarily disabled. We record all updates inside member’s area.


TT is built on different platform than previous OMG programs, so it will continuously add new content on the same member’s area. Therefore, to make sure only PAID members have access to this bundle, here’s what we will do:

  • Previous TT2020 buyers who are not planning to upgrade to TT2021 will be given 3 weeks to download all TT contents before we close the door (Feb 12, 2021 midnight EST). At this moment, all TT2020 contents are finished and the OMG Team has started added content to 2021 edition.
  • For current TT2021 member, the same rule applies unless OMG Team change their platform, so you are highly suggested to download all contents that you need before the end of 2021. We will close access to TT2021 dashboard once we started TT2022.


We got you covered, for $175, you’ll get direct access to members area through FFP on OMG Breakthrough 2015, DC 20216 – 2019, OMG OPS.